MARLOW TASTES (the Event) is a public event organised by the Rotary Club of Marlow Thames (We, the Organisers) which will take place in various Marlow  restaurants during the evening of Tuesday 25 April 2022. We are a registered charity (Charity Registration Number 1073652) and can be contacted at 

The purpose of the Event is to raise monies for local and other charities, promote participating Marlow restaurants, and provide an enjoyable culinary  experience for local residents. 

Customers will visit three different restaurants for each of three meal courses, but the name and location of each restaurant and their respective menu  options will only be revealed shortly before the event. The Organisers will endeavour to organise venues so that as far as possible customers meet new  customers at each course. Restaurants will be in Marlow and customers are expected to walk between restaurants from one course to the next. 

The following Customer Terms and Conditions relate to the Event booked by you on behalf of yourself (You) and others (your Group). Please read them carefully before booking as on purchase they apply to You and all members of your Group.  

1. The Organisers act as agents for the participating restaurants, accepting your booking and payment on their behalf. Once inside each restaurant,  responsibilities between You and your Group and the restaurant are the same as between the restaurant and any customer. 

2. Tickets for You and your Group may only be booked and paid for through the Event website at Payment can be made by  debit or credit card immediately following booking. Tickets will not be valid unless fully paid and are not transferrable without the permission of the  Organisers. 

3. The Event is not suitable for young children, but there is no minimum age requirement. You agree that if any of your Group is under 18 years of age at  the time of the Event they will always be accompanied by a parent or guardian. There is no cost reduction for entrants under 18 years of age. 

4. During booking You will provide personal information, including names, phone number, email address and food allergies for You and your Group which the Organisers confirm will be kept secure. Unless You and your Group accept to receive communications about future Rotary events (see item  5) personal information only be used for the purpose of organising and managing the Event, including where necessary sharing with participating  restaurants. It will be destroyed three months after the Event. 

5. If You tick the marketing box during the booking process You agree that we can keep and use the personal information You provide in order to contact  You and your Group to promote future events organised by the Organisers. We will not use personal information for any other purpose including giving or selling it to any third party for marketing. You may opt out of this agreement, or your agreement may be withdrawn at any time by advising  the Organisers in writing. 

6. All surplus proceeds from the Event will go to charities nominated by the Rotary Club of Marlow Thames. The Organisers do not charge a fee for  booking or payment, so would welcome a donation in lieu. You can tick any donation box on our website at any time and You will be able to make a  charitable donation. If You are a UK tax payer, the Organisers ask that you help us claim Gift Aid on your behalf by providing the requested  information. The UK tax authorities will pay Gift Aid (currently 25% of Your donation) directly into the Organiser’s Charity account, and if You are a  higher rate taxpayer, You will be able to claim further Gift Aid for yourself. 

7. You are responsible for passing on Event information you receive from the Organisers to your Group. We will not be responsible for any consequences  if You fail to do so. 

8. The Organisers will close the Event for further bookings on 4 April 2022 (the Final Booking Date) to enable completion of Event arrangements with  participating restaurants. We reserve the right to close the Event for further bookings prior to this date if necessary. 

9. If We cancel the Event, We will notify You and your Group as soon as practically possible. In such a case we will endeavour to refund all payments in  full within 7 days. 

10. After booking, but before the Final Booking Date if any one or more of You and your Group is unable to attend the Event, please let us know as soon  as possible. We may agree to transfer your ticket(s) if you offer a replacement customer. If we are able to resell you ticket(s) we will refund 90% of the  ticket cost. Unfortunately, no refunds are possible after the Final Booking Date. 

11. The Event takes place, in designated areas, outdoors in the streets of Marlow, and inside participating restaurants. The Organisers are not responsible  for the safety of You, your Group, or others beyond those responsibilities imposed by law. The Organiser’s website contains general advice for all  participants relating to possible safety risks. By making the booking You and your Group agree that the risks involved are understood and accepted.  

12. On arrival at each restaurant, It is your responsibility to ensure that the menu choices that You and your Group have booked are suitable for any  allergic conditions You may have. 

13. A strict timetable detailing the start and finish times of each course at respective restaurants will be published prior to the Event. The timetable will  also include 15 minutes between courses to walk between successive restaurants. It is your responsibility to ensure that You and your Group arrive at  your allocated restaurant before the published start time of each course. We are not responsible for the consequences of your failure to do so. 

14. Drinks may be purchased at each participating restaurant but must be consumed only on their premises. No drinks can to taken into participating  restaurants.

15. Event helpers will give instructions and guidance to participants to ensure the smooth running of the Event. You and your Group agree to listen to and  act upon this information and any advice given. 

16. Because of the nature of the event, we may communicate information to You and/or your Group on the mobile phone number(s) and/or email  address(es) you provided at the time of booking. It is your responsibility to access these communications, including keeping your phone(s) active and  charged during the Event. You must notify us immediately if any phone number or email address change after booking. 

17. The Organisers accept no liability for any injury, loss or damage to property as a result of You or your Group attending the Event. 

18. The Event could attract media coverage which may result in You or your Group being photographed. The Organisers cannot accept liability for any  subsequent publication. 

19. The Organisers will donate surplus proceeds from the Event and all donations made by customers, to local and other charities. Charity choices are  made entirely at the discretion of the Organisers.